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Nutrition and Diet Coaching

  • Coaching is different than traditional diet counseling.  Typical diet counseling involves prescribing a diet.  When we “go on a diet”, we try to change the fundamental way that we relate to food.  The DIET calls the shots and makes decisionds for the dieter about what is good to eat and what is not.  The idea is that “you are wrong, I’m right, and if you just do it my way, you’ll lose weight and be successful”.  Most dieters fail to lose weight, and if they do, most regain the lost weight.


  •  My coaching approach offers ongoing emotional support and an opportunity to truly explore the underlying barriers to change, such as unconscious beliefs and emotional reasons for overeating.
  • I offer help in prioritizing time and attention to make changes in your diet and life focus, and I use behavioral techniques to help you reach your goals.


  • How does Nutrition Coaching with me work? The focus of my work is on making peace with food.  I think about this in terms of three questions to ask yourself when you are thinking about eating.
  • 1) Am I hungry, physically hungry?  Or is this urge to eat something else?
  • 2) If I’m hungry, what do I really want to eat?  Not what someone else told me I should eat, but what I really want.
  • 3) How much of this food do I really need?
  • If the answer to Question 1 is “no”, what need am I trying to fill with food, that doesn’t really have to do with food?
  • How often do I meet with my clients? I see my clients on an as-needed basis, sometimes once a week, but typically every two to three weeks.  I am available for telephone or email contact between visits.
  • Please contact me for information on my fees.  I offer a sliding scale, for those who wish to discuss this with me.

Home visits are available, and can be used

  • In conjunction with your regular coaching program, when it is determined that a home visit would enhance your progress. I am available for home visits to help in overcoming the barriers that may be keeping you from making changes in your relationship with food.
  • As a first consultation visit, so that we can work together in your personal environment.
  • A home visit because may be right for you because
  • Home visits are available within a 20 mile radius of my office in Waltham, MA.



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